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Feedback of Laurie and Her Husband

Participants: 2 pax

Nationalité: USA & Belgium

Destinations: Shanghai, Xian, Luoyang, Beijing

Période de voyage: The 18th to 25th May, 2013

Circuit de référence de ce voyage: CC02 et CC11

Circuits de référence: Voyages Chine classique

Laurie est anglophone, venue des USA, et son mari est belgique, ils sont tombés dans notre site le 15 mars 2013, et ils nous ont lancé une demande d'un voyage:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My husband and I will be in Shanghai for a conference (10-17 May) and we would like to spend 1 extra week after (18-25 May) visiting China. 

Would you please prepare a private tour for us based on the following itinerary.

For all visits

- best hotels possible - non-smoking rooms - double bed

- direct flights - bookings - economy class

- transport from hotels to airport, airport to hotels

- private tours/guides - English speaking

18 May - early pick up at hotel for flight to Xian

19 May - Xian

20 May - flight to Dunhuang

21 May - Mogao + ?

22 May - fly to Beijing

23 May - Beijing

24 May - Beijing

25 May - 05.30 (early) - transport to airport for international flight

Thank you and kind regards,

Laurie Ing****


Dear Mr Tin,

Thank you very much for the quote. We do have a few questions before committing to the itinerary.

Would you be able to furnish a letter of invitation for our visas to enter China? I am American and my husband is from Belgium and we live in Switzerland.

The flights from Shanghai to Xian, Xian to Dunhuang, and Dunhuang to Beijing - are they direct, non-stop flights?

The tours to see the clay soldiers and the Mogao caves - are these private tours with an english speaking guide?

Thank you for your answers to these questions.

Laurie Ing*****


Hello Mr Tan,

Thank you for the info you provided below and I apologize for the late response - we had visitors for the weekend, 1 of whom had been to China and I wanted to ask him his experience.

He told me that we were trying to do too much, that for the travel time that we have we would waste too much of it in airplanes or airports.  So could you please suggest another itinerary for me based on this?

Leave Shanghai 18 May, morning direct flight to Xian, walk along walls.

Sunday, 19 May, visit terracotta warriors

Monday, 20 May, train to ????

Tuesday, 21 May, visit ????

Wednesday, 22 May, train to Beijing

Thursday, 23 May, Beijing

Friday, 24 May, Beijing

Saturday, 25 May, depart Beijing by Air France flight.

Where I need your help is a suggestion of where we can stop on the way to Beijing to spend 2 days.  Can you suggest a nice destination for us?

Again, we would like the best hotels possible, and the best train/plane connections and seat reservations.

May we pay with American Express card? I understand there will be an extra charge to use this card but we have a travel insurance with American Express if we use them to pay.

Thank you and kind regards,

Laurie Ing****


Et puis après des discussions, nous avons conclus le circuit: Shanghai-Xian-Luoyang-Pékin.


Dear Mr Tan,

This is exactly the itinerary that we want and Luayang sounds very similar to what we wanted to see in Dunhuang.  Would you please send to me the invoice on line so that we may pay by American Express credit card.  We do understand that there will be a 5 % fee to use the card and accept this charge.

My husband, Mr Django MANG***** is copied on this email, as we will be using his credit card for the transaction.

With kind regards,

Mrs Laurie ING****


Dear Mr Tan Jinshun,

We have just arrived back in France.
We would like to thank you and your teams in Xi'an, Luoyang and Beijing for the great organisation of our trip in China.
All four guides Agnes, Susan, Michelle and Tony are very knowledgeable and we enjoyed very much their explanations on the Chinese culture and history.
A special mention to the drivers Gao, Fu & Simon for their ability to get us painlessly and efficiently through the traffic.
Whenever our friends plan a trip to China, we will make sure to recommend your agency, as you were recommended to us.

With our best regards

Laurie & Django


Circuit de référence de ce voyage: CC02 et CC11

Circuits de référence: Voyages Chine classique